The High Court Judges Library

1. Established in 1950.

2. Then known as Judicial Commissioner's Court.

3. In 1972 it came under the Gauhati High Court (Agartala Bench). And on 23rd March, 2013 with establishment of High Court of Tripura, it is the Judges Library of the High Court of Tripura.

4. Users of the library are: -
    a) Hon'ble Judges.
    b) Officers of the Registry.

5. Subscribes about 21 Journals, including 2 Gazettes (Gazette of India & Gazette of Tripura) and one Foreign Legal Journal.

6. Staff Strength 8, including two professional Librarians.

7. Library contains Significant Legal Literature: - Supports the need of Hon'ble Courts and Judges, Collection: About 40,000 legal documents of Text Books, Legal Journals, Central & State Bare Acts, etc.

8. Library and Information services offer:
    a) Case Law Retrieval,
    b) Statutory Information such as objects and reasons of the particular Act, Amendments, date of enforcement of the Act, etc.
    c) Bibliography Information.

9. Legal Date Bases subscribed: -
    a) SCC Online Data Base (CD ROM) - since 1950 onwards.
    b) SCC Online Web Edition.
    c) Online Taxman Software.
    d) Manupatra Software.