Asangathita Shramik Sahayika Prakalpa, 2016.   
Allowance for 100% Blind Persons.   
Antyodaya Anna Yojana.   
Appointment of Arbitrators by the Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court Scheme, 1996.   


Barber Worker's Pension Scheme.   
Blind & Handicapped Pension.   
Bidi Shramik Pension.   


Cobblers Pension Scheme, Tripura.   


Die-in-harness Scheme-2015, Government dt. 06-01-2016. of Tripura.   
Die-in -harness Scheme Tripura.   


Helmet Bank Scheme, Tripura , 2020.   
Honorary Homoeo Physician benefit Scheme, 2002.   
Handloom Worker's Pension Scheme.   


Industrial Investment Promotion Incentives Scheme, Tripura , 2012   
Industrial Investment Promotion Incentives Scheme, Tripura , 2017.   
Indira Gandhi National Old Age pension Seheme, Un-Employment Allowance to the 100% blind, pension to the Rickshaw Pullers & Scheme for Tripura Cobbler Pension.   
Incentive Scheme for outstanding performance in Sports & Youth activities at National & International Levels.   
Introduction of Tripura Cooperative Development Incentive Scheme, 2015.   
IT, ITeS Policy and Roadmap 2017 and Tripura It Incentive Scheme, Tripura , 2017.   
Indira Gandhi National Disable Pension (IGNDPS).   
Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension (IGNOAPS).   
Laundry Worker's Pension Scheme.   
Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension (IGNWPS).   


Mukhya Mantri Pratibhashali Puraskau Scheme, 2019.   
Medical Grant for Rickshaw Pullers Scheme.   
Motor Shramik Pension Scheme.   


Old Age Pension Scheme (State).   


Pension Scheme for Cancer Patients.   
Pension Scheme for Female Domestic Worker.   
Pension Scheme for Grade II Deformed Leprosy Patients.   
Pension Scheme for Persons Living with AIDS.   
Pension Scheme for Transgender.   
Provision of financial assistance in the form of Pension to the accredited Journalists, Photojournalists of the state keeping in view the services rendered by them has been under consideration of the Government.   
Pension to 80% & above physically challenged persons under APL families.   
Pension to Deserted Women under APL families.   
Pension to the persons who lost 100% eye sight loss under APL families.   
Pension to the Un-Married Women of the Age of 45 yrs & above under BPL families.   
Personal Accident Insurance Social Security Scheme for Poor Families.   
Pension scheme for providing pension to the retired Home Guard-Women Home Guard Volunteers.   
Pension to the un-married women of the age of 45 years & above under BPL families.   


Revision of Pay Scales of Teachers in the Diploma Course of Technical Institution i.e. Regional Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (RIPSAT).   
Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (TREGS), Tripura , 2006.   
Revised Model Scheme for Constitution and Administration of the Guarantees Redemption Fund of Govt. of Tripura.   
Rickshaw Pullers Pension Scheme, Tripura.   


Scheme for Compassionate Appointment Benefit for Govt. Employees of Tripura, 2019.   
Scheme for compassionate benefit for the family members of govt. employee who died on or after attainng the age of 50 years.   
Scheme for Law Clerk-cum-Legal Research Assistant in High Court of Tripura, 2018.   
Street Vendor (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Scheme, Tripura , 2016 main.   
State Litigation Policy Tripura.   
Scheme for payment of Boarding House Stipend to the Students Belongings to OBC.   
Scheme for payment of honorarium to the Pradhan Samajpati of the indigenous Tribal Community of Tripura.   
State Consumer Welfare Fund Scheme, Tripura , 2005.   
State Government Employees' Group Insurance Scheme, Tripura , 1983.   
Scheme for incentive to Girl Child-2009, Tripura.   
Self-Certification Scheme- under various Labour Laws.   


Unemployed Allowances for 100% Blind.   
60% & Disability Allowance.   


Victim Compensation Scheme, Tripura, 2012(Rules 2007 repealed w.e.f. 15-08-2012).   
Victim Compensation Scheme, Tripura , 2018(Scheme 2012 repealed w.e.f. 4th June 2018).   


Widow & Deserted Women Pension.   
Widow Pension Scheme-2012.(New State Scheme).